Community Fusion Dancing in Denver and Westminster

Fusion Dance, Unearthed!

Fusion Dancing at the Dancing Root

A monthly fusion event where our community gathers to dance with each other and have fun. Drawing people from all walks of life, inspiring and challenging them to connect with each other authentically and to express themselves musically. Here, we partner dance together because of the magical moments on the dance floor and the caring community which makes this space a second home. Interested in checking it out? Look at the sidebar to the left for event details!

Our Values

At the Dancing Root, we believe it is important to be share what we care about and value, both in our actions and in our words. Thus, at the Dancing Root, we strive to imbue the Dancing Root with our 7 values:

  • Respect for self and each other
  • Communication
  • Learning and transformation
  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Expressing our true selves
  • Community
  • Fun!

Dance Details

Each dance event features a unique lesson on a particular style or technique which can be drawn from a variety of dances, peoples and places.  Starts at 7pm, so get here early!

We use a sliding scale for our entry fee; this way everyone can get in and monetary appreciation is optional and open.  Any dollar amount from $6 to $10 is suggested and includes the lesson.

To Get in Touch

For further details on upcoming events, visit our Facebook Page.

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Need to contact us on a more personal level?  Email us .

More Than Just Dancing

We also gather once a month as a community to deepen our connections with each other. Often we’ll have brunch, go for a hike, have a conversation, and more. To find out about these gatherings, join our FB group!