We, the community of the Dancing Root, welcome people of all races, sizes, shapes, abilities, histories, cultures, education, genders, sexual orientations, and religions.

We support each other to learn and grow on and off the dance floor.

We hold each other accountable to act with respect, courtesy and understanding toward each other.

We support each other in our decisions to decline any uncomfortable or inappropriate actions.

We support individuals to resolve any conflicts that arise in our community.



We have expectations of all Dancing Root community members (including organizers) regarding:

  • RESPECT: Respect and be courteous to your fellow dancers and their decisions, even if you don’t understand the decisions themselves.
  • DIVERSITY: Embrace diversity of people and dance. Like people, fusion dance takes many shapes and forms. Honor each individual’s culture, movement and dance background.
  • COMMUNICATION: We encourage a culture of consent; you are expected to clearly communicate your actions, intentions, boundaries, and needs. When making requests, it is everyone’s responsibility to allow others space to deliberate. We ask that you receive verbal and non-verbal communication and respond appropriately.
  • SEXUALITY: Our dance is a public community space; we do not tolerate overt or implied sexual acts in our community space. This includes, but is not limited to, groping, excessive making-out, or other interactions which do not support the inclusive atmosphere of the event.
  • CONFLICT RESOLUTION: We encourage you to be proactive in resolving conflicts. If you would like support in resolving a conflict, reach out to a community member, host or organizer. The host team is eager to support you in resolving any issues that arise. If you are not comfortable bringing a concern to a host directly, feel free to ask a friend to do so on your behalf.
  • SUBSTANCE USE: We do not tolerate the consumption of mind-altering substances at Dancing Root events. Intoxicated individuals will be asked to leave the venue and may not be given a refund. We may make exceptions for some events, allowing alcohol in moderation.



We reserve the right to limit the participation of and/or exclude individuals who have demonstrated a history of harming others at or outside of the event.



If you have a suggestion, question, or concern, please approach a host at an event, contact the organizing team on Facebook, or email us at thedancingroot@gmail.com.

Download a PDF of this here

If you’re interested in using this policy in whole or in part, please contact us for permission and terms.