What are Hosts?


the Dancing Root hosts are community members who are excited to be resources for our dance community. At the dance, they actively help host the event by welcoming and introducing people to the dance, to the Dancing Root values, and to our community norms. In addition to physically setting up the space, hosts also shape the atmosphere of the space with their charisma, engagement, dancing, and energy. Outside of the dance they choose to represent themselves and the community positively, sharing their excitement for the Dancing Root and inviting others to join.

Because we believe that a part of positive leadership is to lead by example, our hosts choose to embody the values of the Dancing Root, namely:

  1. Demonstrate respect for themselves and others
  2. Continue to learn and grow as individuals
  3. Take actions to include people and honor diversity
  4. Express their true selves
  5. Communicate with integrity and compassion
  6. Support community
  7. Have fun!

If you’re excited about becoming a host for tDR, please feel free to contact us.