Amongst other things, the Dancing Root is a community.  We plan activities, create adventures, encourage growth and kindle the desire for challenge.  From the ground up, we strive to create a space where our interactions support our members in their goals, on and off the dance floor.


Besides the bi-monthly dance that we host, tDR brings you several unique opportunities:

30 Day Dance Challenge

In July 2016, the Dancing Root will be hosting an epic event designed to inspire you to Unearth Your Dance Potential and make lots of new dance friends across multiple styles of dance. Sign up today and check out the webpage for more information.

Field Days


Every now and then, tDR puts together an adventure in the park.  Ball games, running, conversation and many other shenanigans are performed.  See the Field Days page for the next adventure!

…And many more!

We are not limiting ourselves to just those that are well known.  Check these other wonderful happenings as well: