Unearth Your Dance Potential


30 days of Growth, Exploration and Adventure!

This event is completed, but you are welcome to read what we had going on!

Get out your shuffle, clean up that sacada, dust off your grapevine, and get ready to dig! the Dancing Root is pleased to announce the Unearth Your Dance Potential 30 Day Dance Challenge.

What is the Challenge?

The 30 Day Dance Challenge is a campaign to inspire dancers across multiple dance scenes to challenge themselves to improve their dancing. Whether you spend 15 minutes practicing everyday or go out and social dance every night, the goal is to practice your dancing every single day for 30 days.

Do you accept the challenge?


To get started, sign-up online to get email reminders, free instructor-led videos and exclusive information about various practicas and classes happening throughout the month of July. Then come on out to the Dancing Root on June 19th to collect your 30 Day Challenge Card, Practice and Self-Care Stickers.

To complete the Challenge, practice your dancing for 30 days during the month of July.  Whether you take 15 minutes to try that new move, follow one of our free videos, go to a practica, take a class or just go out social dancing, put a Practice Sticker on your calendar.  This will help you hold yourself accountable for Unearthing your Dance Potential and completing the Dance Challenge!

$2 Off Social Dancing, Every Night!

As a part of the Dance Challenge, we are also partnering with a huge number of the dance venues in the greater Denver area to motivate you to go out and explore all that the Denver dance scene has to offer! Each dance venue will have a special Dancing Root collector’s style sticker to place on your Challenge Card. In addition, presenting your Challenge Card to the staff of a participating venue on the specified date will enable you to get $2 off of your entry fee!  That’s potentially $60 dollars off of your dancing for the entire month!

The Calendar

The 30 Day Dance Challenge Calendar is the master list of dance events, practicas and classes available to you throughout the month of July.  Each day we will have a specific dance venue you can explore, classes to take or videos to watch.  And while the Challenge Cards will be available throughout the month of June, only at the Dancing Root on June 19th will you be able to pick up our exclusive Practice and Self-Care stickers.

Self-Care stickers?  Yes!  Often overlooked, self care is an important tool in every dancer’s toolbox.  With our Self-Care stickers you can take four days off of dancing, letting those legs of yours rest, while still completing your Challenge Card and being eligible for the Prize.

The Prize

If you have signed up by July 1st and successfully complete the Challenge by practicing for at least 15 minutes for 30 days in July, you will be eligible to participate in a raffle to win an hour-long private lesson from one of our sponsoring professional dance instructors!

For those who go the extra mile and collect all of the special Dancing Root Stickers, we will also hold a raffle to win an official tDR Dance Monster.  You are crazy, we love you.

And don’t forget that even if you don’t complete your Challenge Card, we will still salute you! You will have risen to the challenge of improving your dancing, meeting new dancers, and exploring new dances; and hopefully, by the end of the month, you will have will witnessed your own growth in your understanding of yourself as a somatic-artistic-moto-ninja!

Wrapping up

In case you only skimmed the above paragraphs, here are all the pertinent details:

  • Join our mailing list before July 1st!
    • Be notified about classes and practicas
    • Learn from free instructor videos
    • Get reminders about participating (and other) dance events
  • Collect your Challenge Card from various dance venues throughout the month of June
  • Practice dance every day.  Place an applicable sticker on each day that you practice:
    • Practice Stickers: for those days working on something by yourself or with others
    • Venue Stickers: for attending sponsoring social dances
      • See the Calendar for participating venue dates
    • Self-Care Stickers: for those days off
  • At the August 14th Dancing Root, you may submit your completed Challenge Card for a chance to win fabulous prizes! You must sign up by July 1 to be eligible to win either category of prize. Specifically,
    • Cards from dancers who have practiced and/or danced for 30 days in July will be entered into a raffle for a free private lesson from one of our participating instructors!
    • Cards that are completed with every dance event sticker will be placed into a drawing to win an official tDR Dance Monster.