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Instructor Name
Kizomba Sherri
Dance Styles
Kizomba and Bachata
I have been dancing for most of my life, including styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Country 2-step, Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba. My love for dance turned into a teaching career with Zumba Fitness which then turned into a Kizomba instructor. I love dancing and love to show Kizomba and Bachata to anyone that is interested in learning these fun styles of dance.
Studio Location(s)
Colorado New Style in Denver & Avalon in Boulder
Technique Specialties
Kizomba and Bachata
tDR Values Taught
I believe anyone and everyone has the right to be happy by doing and being whatever they desire. Dancing is included in this. Anyone that would like to dance should be given the opportunity to try. Leading and following are not roles that are strictly