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Instructor Name
Jamie-Lynn Zycie
Dance Styles
Blues, tango, fusion, connection/musicality
Available to organizers and scheduled students
Jamie-Lynn first experienced partner dance in 1994 in the form of ice dancing. While progressing through competitive circles, she cross-trained with ballet, jazz, and modern solo dances. In 2005 she put on her first pair of ballroom shoes; in 2006 she fell in love with swing and blues. Addicted to new dancing experiences, she added Argentine tango to her repertoire in 2007. Basically, she loves to dance any way she can. She strives to promote connection, creativity, musicality, and self-expression in her classes. Her students regularly leave the classroom with heightened confidence and smiles.
Studio Location(s)
Based out of Colorado Springs, have taught workshops nationally
Technique Specialties
Connection, musicality, expression, finding space to improvize as a follow/being receptive to follow improvisation, switch dancing
tDR Values Taught
What you just put forth is essentially my mission statement as an instructor, if you add in "connection". nnOne organizer who has repeatedly brought me in for workshops once told me, when I asked him what kind of class he wanted, "Do what you do best. Get