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Peter Johnson
Dance Styles
Contra, Squares, Waltz, Hambo
I have been teaching Contra, Waltz, and Hambo since 2009. A co-founder of the Mad Robin Callers Collective in Vermont, I continue to hone my craft through teaching new dance leaders in the peer-mentoring structure of the Collective. After teaching and calling around New England, I moved to Denver in 2015 and enjoy leading dances across the Front Range and beyond.nBlessed to work within a living tradition over 300 years old, I get to honor what previous generations have created, while adding our generation’s contributions. These include a deeper understanding of diversity (allowing full expression of the inclusive values of the tradition), and evolving concepts of dance roles, collaboration, and consent.nMost Contra Dance evenings include a couple of waltzes, and maybe a Hambo, so naturally I teach those as well. I focus on social dance waltzing, and have also helped several couples prepare for their wedding dance. Hambo is a charming Scandinavian couples’ dance with an unusual turning figure that is very satisfying once mastered.
Studio Location(s)
Front Range & New England
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tDR Values Taught
Contra dance is a community dance with an inclusive tradition, and I revel in sustaining the tradition and ensuring that it continues to bring diverse forms of self-expression into a shared community.