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Jes Cutler
Dance Styles
Tango Blues Lindyhop
720 338 4799
Jesica Cutler fell in love with Blues at a house party, and she's never been the same since. Since finishing her Massage Therapy training in 2010, she has practiced her knowledge of anatomy and diligently applied herself to her studies with master dance instructors. It has paid off. Over the course of the last six years she has commanded respect on many dance floors and fluidly transfers her skill set to Tango, Blues, Lindy Hop, Balboa and West Coast Swing, among others. Jes is now teaching nationally and internationally as she continues to joyfully explore and study dance as an Art form. Having worked as a massage therapist for the last 6 years, she understands that every body is unique and requires masterful application of touch, integrative exercises and humor. Jes’ passion for dance is deep and her students find themselves cross training in dances they never thought they’d approach. nnMassage:
Studio Location(s)
Denver Turnverein, Mercury Cafe, Tony P's Boulder Tango studio, Cakes Studio
Technique Specialties
I really love teaching balance alignment and mind body connection. Helping people to find spaces in their own body to be comfortable and have strength is one of my main objectives.
tDR Values Taught
I teach a balanced but equal partnership where each person gets to take full responsibility and ownership of their dancing, my is intention to empower each person. I like to help people learn how to communicate with each other in a constructive manner whi