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Kara Fabina
Dance Styles
Balboa, Ballroom, Blues, Charleston, Drag, Latin Blues, Lindy Hop, Ragtime, Salsa, Strut, Turkey Trot, Waltz, Ballet, Breaking/Breakdance, Contemporary, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Jazz, Locking, Lyrical Ballet, Modern, Popping, Tap, Whacking
Kara Fabina is an international dance instructor based in Colorado Springs. Since 2008 she has been teaching and competing jazz, swing and blues throughout the world. Having been dancing for over two decades, Kara brings both knowledge and experience to the dance floor. She has been recognized internationally for her choreography as well as her achievements in competitions. As an instructor, she stresses connection with one’s partner, connection to the music, and intention in dancing. Her real passion is to become a dance historian and study each style’s rich history and culture. nnFind out more at
Studio Location(s)
Primarily Colorado Springs & Denver
Technique Specialties
Movement & Connection
tDR Values Taught