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Instructor Name
Kylie Emunah Kahnke
Dance Styles
Blues, Tango, Salsa, Movement Coaching
303 875 6379
Kylie was born into a family of dancers and has worn many different dance shoes. After a lifetime in the studio, she discovered the blues at a house party in 2008 in Portland, Oregon. She felt at home with the range of rhythms and welcoming community. She immersed herself in the history and the aesthetic of the dance which gave her a deep gratitude for blues culture. In 2014 she moved to Denver and became an organizer for Colorado Blues Dance. She can be found at the Merc every Tuesday and at national dance events tearing up the floor in competitions. She teaches with a passion for quality of movement and challenges her students to grow holistically.
Studio Location(s)
Home Studio in Lakewood
Technique Specialties
Body mechanics, Quality of movement, Rhythm
tDR Values Taught
I teach more than dance steps. I teach discovery through renewed relationship with body and self which then creates the opportunity to relate to the external world with courage.